HMD Global to revive Nokia N Series

HMD Global by acquiring Nokia has done some plausible things. Ever Since Nokia brand makes a comeback, HMD Global is looking forward to reviving some of the old historical devices. After reviving Nokia 3310 and 8110, HMD Global now looking forward to reviving famous Nokia N series. Also, the company reviving the Nokia X series by unveiling Nokia X6 in China. 

Nokia 3310 returned to life at MWC 2017 and comes in 3G and 4G variant. MWC 2018 bring the updated version of 8110, also called Banana Phone, which was first seen in 1996.

HMD Global, Nokia

The Company teases on Weibo indicates the Nokia N series may come back to life in May. The image has Nokia N8 means the next revive will be Nokia N8. Also, it may also revive some old iconic Nokia N series phones – N95, N73, N79, and N97.

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