Huawei roadmap for 2018 leaks which reveal plan for the company. The company going to unveil three new devices – codename Maya, Salina with Honor 1 under sub-brand Honor. Also, the company confirms the wider availability of Mate 10 Pro and Mate 10 Lite which is these devices are likely coming to more market. The company also plans to unveil Huawei A2 band, Huawei Scale, and Huawei 360 camera. All these are going to unveil on Q1 of 2018 according to the source image.

According to the image, Q2 of 2018 is busy for Huawei as the company going to unveil three new devices under P20 series – referred as P, P Plus, and P Lite. Also, a Honor smartphone likely is there.

There is not much in Q3 of 2018 as only a single smartphone under Sub-brand Honor which is Honor 3.

Q4 of 2018 is all about Mate series. The company likely going to unveil Mate 11, Mate 20 or Huawei likely going to end the number game and the upcoming device being called “Pro” and “Lite”.

Huawei Sub-brand Honor will introduce a smartphone per Quater throughout 2018- Honor 1, Honor 2, Honor 3 and Honor 4.

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