ZTE to introduce Dual notch Smartphone

Well, Notch is now a part of a smartphone these days. The first is Essential Phone and then Apple iPhone X. After that, every company follows the trend of Notch. Companies like LG, OnePlus also offer the customer to switch off the Notch. Well, ZTE to bring dual Notch smartphone, ZTE Iceberg.

Some companies also want to introduce All display smartphone but ZTE without arguing about NOtch and All display bring a dual notch smartphone. Also, ZTE able to fit the stereo speaker into each notch. The upper Notch offers selfie snapper while the bottom Notch offer only speaker allow Iceberg to offer stereo sound. The phone also offers Wireless Charging.

Zte Iceberg

The Iceberg name makes a complete sense as the handset has transparent glass edges on each corner of the phone. No much information about specification, but the concept shows a dual rear camera and also the fingerprint scanner on the rear panel.


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