Quikr Certified Phone Unboxing

New smartphones are merged into the market every day. And with this customer did not decide which phone to buy. Many are the time customer wants to buy a smartphone but did not have much money. So to solve this, many companies offer you to buy Certified Phone or Refurbished Phone. Refurbished Phone is “renovate and redecorate” means the defected phone is renovated into new and working one.

Let’s take an example – You bought a new Apple iPhone 6 16GB from Flipkart or Amazon. After using it you found that the Headphone Jack is not working. So return it under the return policy and get a new one. The return iPhone 6 is now repaired and being sold into Refribushed Category. It is also sometimes called Certified Phone.

So the Question is – Is Certified Phone worth buying? Yes, Why not? If you buy a brand New iPhone 6 16 from Flipkart it cost you Rs 25000 but the same under Certified Phone category may cost you Rs 20000.

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Many companies now offer you to buy Certified Phone. Companies like eBay.in, Amazon.in an offer you Certified Phone but it cost you more. A company like Quikr.com offer less – The iPhone 6 16GB cost you RS 19000 (See Here) and iPhone 6S 16GB Rs 18129 (See Here).

There are three categories in Quikr – Like New, Good and Fair. Like New is a new product without any scratch. Good condition has some scratch. A fair condition has many scratches and sometime the product may not work at all. So you must avoid the Fair condition.

So here is a video of Quikr Certified Phone Unboxing. The unboxing contains Nokia Lumia 625 with some accessories given by Quikr. Lumia 625 is a Window Phone launched by Nokia in 2013. It has a 4.7-inch display, Snapdragon 400 processor, and 512MB RAM. Here is the Quick video.



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