With Mate RS Porsche Design Huawei has done something that Samsung didnot

Because of plenty of Unique features, The Mate RS smartphone from Huawei is one the kind phone. Huawei Mate RS, from Porsche design series, has a triple rear camera from Leica. Also comes in two variant with 6GB RAM and up to 512GB storage, the Mate RS Porsche Design is the first to have 512GB internal storage in the World.

But the thing is what makes Huawei Mate RS unique? Well, it comes with a Dual fingerprint scanner. Yes, you hear this right, this smartphone has two fingerprint scanner. One is embedded into the display and Another one is on the back.Huawei Mate RS comes with PCM microcapsules to absorb heat for cooling.

Back in December Samsung announce 512GB flash Memory chip but did not appear on any device. Samsung also struggling to introduce IN-display fingerprint scanner. Rumors are that Galaxy Note 9 may get one as the technology is Expensive and Challenging.

Huawei Mate RS is exclusive to China only and comes in traditional Black and Red color. It is available for 1695 Euros ($2100) for 256GB variant and 2095 Euros ($2597) for 512GB variant.

Following are the Tweet Used bu Huawei while announcing Mate RS Porsche Design


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